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Services and support for children and young people with sight loss.

Children and Young People

Did you know that we have many services which can support children and their families?

How we can help

We are passionate about providing the very best services, in hospitals, at home and in local communities.

There for you

Discovering your child has a visual impairment can be a difficult and emotional experience. That's why we offer a support service for children, young people and families. Our range of services supports you every step of the way, starting from initial diagnosis in hospitals through the sight loss journey.

Support for the whole family - our dedicated  family team offers advice, guidance to the whole family, including brothers, sisters, grandparents and carers.

Skills for life - We are there to support your child from their first steps through to their transition into adulthood.

Keeping active - Our trips and activities are a great way to meet families and for your child to make friends and have some fun.

 We offer many activities which you can view on our children and young people page.


Nystagmus - how you can help

The first Wednesday in November is National and International Nystagmus Awareness Day.

Nystagmus can affect children of all ages and make it difficult  for them at school. This short video link below shows you in a few minutes how Nystagmus can affect children at school and what you can do to help the child at school and at home. With advice and tips this video will help you to understand what Nystagmus and how it an affect the child at school and more importantly what you can do to help.

Nystagmus video

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