Enhancing habilitation skills in everyday life situations

31 May 2022

On the 31st of May 2022 we took a group of young people to catch a train from Leicester station to Narborough station.

Vista staff and volunteers supported the young people. The aims of the activity were for the young people to enhance previously taught habilitation skills in navigating their environment, purchasing a ticket, finding the platform to boarding the train. They managed money were responsible for their ticket and had choice and control have how they wanted to get to the platform. This involved some using the stairs other using the lift. They used mobility and orientation skills some cane users to get around.

Once at Narborough they had a short walk to a café which again involved them choosing what they wanted to eat working out if they could afford it and how they navigated the menu. Some young people used the seeing all app others photographed or zoomed in.

After all their hard work they were able to sit back and network with each other. The photos below show our journey. This would also not have been possible without the support of our volunteers and all the commitment they give to us.

Quote from volunteer

“Hi both

I really enjoyed today and for me it is what volunteering is all about.  It was just lovely to see the young people interacting together so well, supporting each other while learning new skills and having such fun.

At board last week “mentoring” of people with sight loss was mentioned. I think that today was a great example of how the young people mentor each other as a natural process.

A great day well done both of you for organising it and for everything else you do.

Take care


Young person:

“I have really enjoyed today I would like to do this again maybe can we go to Birmingham. I have loved meeting and talking to other young people”

“A young person in conversation with her dad I have learnt how to get on and off a train today. She explained she had done a bus route in the past but not on the train, but she had really enjoyed it”

“I think we should do more things like I was quite scared with the gap, but the Habilitation officer showed me where to put the cane to feel the step I was still scared but I did it”