Music & sensory room sessions

23 Nov 2018

We have been delivering one to one weekly sessions of music and creative expression in our specially designed sensory room with our fabulous music practitioner for up to seven children.

 This has been a fantastic opportunity for Vista and the response has been amazing. We must thank Santander for their generous funding without which this would never have been possible.

 Grace, our music practitioner, said ‘These sessions focus on creating a safe space to play freely. Using music and the sensory room collaboratively gives opportunities to explore the client’s sensory needs.’ By focusing on what the child can do rather than what they have difficulties with, the play is more exciting and engaging, ‘this is beneficial as it can enhance wellbeing, developmental stages, cognitive development and to help increase motor skills.’

‘The use of music in these sessions allows communication and imagination to be explored in creative ways that clients may not always get the chance to do. This gives all children and adults an outlet of expression through music and sounds. These sessions also give the carer / parent an opportunity to learn and bond with their child/ client in different and creative ways that can be carried outside sessions.’

 The parents and carers agree, with one giving nothing but positive feedback; ‘the music and sensory session was fantastic! Thank you.’ They are also seeing the project reap dividends, as it as ‘helped my son’s speech and language development. He watches [Grace’s] mouth movements and tries to copy them. In the last session my son was really exploring his facial expressions in the mirrors because he can just sit down and see himself.

He was independently sticking his tongue out, making mouth actions like he was singing. He even kept winking at himself! He really listens and enjoys the music, we can’t stop him from dancing!’

 ‘My son’s vision is impaired due to his CHARGE syndrome and we are still trying to build up a picture of what his vision is like. But he is still very attached to the lights in the sensory room and enjoys changing the colours when he can press the button pad. 

They also highlighted how the specilly designed sensory room allows their son to explore and be carefree. ‘It’s helped to build a relationship with his twin sister and it’s a special activity they can do together. It’s a safe and intimate environment for them to explore.’ 

 ‘It gives us a break from medical care. The regular slots have given us an activity we can all look forward to and the twins know where we are going when we sing “we are going to the sensory room” copying the music practitioners melody and song.’ 

 ‘Overall, it’s just been a pleasure to experience and we hope it can continue.’