National Eye Health Week 2020 and the children we support

23 Sep 2020

Josh's mum told us "he has Irlen syndrome as well as vision problems too, he has to have a strong tint in his glasses for the last 10yrs. When we got his near prescription, he said he wanted to try clear lenses (nearly 15, he wants to look ‘normal’)". 

She adds; "we have just got them tonight and we all love them, so funny being able to see his eyes".

Meet Anna. She has been wearing glasses for nearly 2 years and they have made such a difference to her. She can now see things at a distance and will shuffle to get things she wants. Even things she is not supposed to get! Her glasses have made her more inquisitive and curious about the world. We never thought she would like to wear them, but she never complains. She's our little superstar.