Vista's Children and Young People volunteer's meet and greet

30 May 2022

On Monday 30th May the Children and Young People’s team invited all the volunteers that support us into the Vista head office for a meet and greet. Unfortunately, not everyone could make this date, but they know how much we appreciate everything they do for us. The volunteers that support the Children and Young People’s team go above and beyond with the support they offer us. They’re always a pleasure to have at activities and they make such a positive impact of the Children and Young People we support. At this meet and greet we ordered pizza and talked about all the exciting activities we have coming up! This was an amazing evening and it was lovely to say thank you to our volunteers!

One volunteer said, “Thank you for tonight it’s been lovely.”

Another volunteer commented “I used to volunteer for another charity, I got the opportunity to volunteer here. I don’t mind what I do but I loved messy play and would love to more with the children and their families.”

Adding on to this, another volunteer said, “This is great and such a contrast and new experience to what I do in my job.”

Vista's volunteer meet and greet