What a busy summer!

Here's a break down of everything that we did over the summer • 6 Sep 2019

Sensory Session in the sensory room

Children and parents came and explored the sensory room. Children played with the different toys, lights and listened to music! The children enjoyed the different areas of the room and had lots of fun!

 Come Dine with Me Cooking- Monday 22nd July

The children/young people worked together as a team to make Spaghetti Bolognaise and cupcakes. Where they developed kitchen skills such as food chopping and measuring. They set the table, made menus and name places and sat and dined all together!

 Horse Riding and Grooming- Wednesday 24th July

On Wednesday 24th of July the children and young people went horse riding. The CYP’s went horse riding and started with a nice stroll round the grounds, followed by learning how to gallop! This was some of the children’s first time riding a horse, and we had some very nervous faces! All the children done amazing and we had lots of proud parents! After, the CYP’s met more of the horses and ponies, brushed their hair and made the horses look amazing!

Sensory and Messy Play- Wednesday 31st July

On Wednesday 31st of July we had two sessions of sensory and messy play. The children were able to explore the different materials and fabrics, lights and colour using both big and small physical movements. We had lots of fun and there was plenty of laughter! Then everyone all got very messy making play dough, they even squished it in-between their toes!

 Cricket Tour and Games- Thursday 1st August

On Thursday 1st of august, we had 6 families come to the cricket grounds. We got taken for a tour and learnt lots about the history and cricket players. The families then played lots of different cricket games. The children and parents were very competitive! The weather was lovely, and the families sat outside eating their lunch whilst watching a game of cricket. We had families that were big cricket fans and some that were new to learning about the sport!

 Movie and Crafts- Friday 2nd August

We had lots of different crafts, including painting, making friendship bracelets, playdough and much more! The CYP’s enjoyed sitting with friends and chatting whilst making crafts and eating popcorn! We then put some music on and played some different games which the CYP’s took lead on.

 Archery- Monday 5th August

On Monday the 5th of August, 12 children and young people went to archery. There were balloons on the targets, and some of the CYP’s were losing count of how many balloons they popped, they were hitting so many targets! We had some amazing feedback and the children really enjoyed it! We had lots of children where this was their first activity with vista and children who were a long time engaged with vista!

 Pottery- Monday 5th August

The children and young people went to a pottery shop, where they were able to choose a figurine, cup or plate to paint. We had unicorns, bunny rabbits and decorated cups for a cuppa tea! The children all sat together and were having a lovely time using the paints and making new friends! We even had children who came for the first time to a vista activity!

 Boat Trip- Tuesday 6th August

The boat trip was so popular we had two boat trips on the same day! There was lots of families and they were able to meet and interact with new families and old friends. The families sat and all had lunch whilst looking out the window at the lovely views! The children and families were able to sit at the top of the boat to feel the wind in their hair! Fortunately, no one was seasick!

 Soft Play at 360- Thursday 8th August

Soft play at 360 was one of our suggestions from the wishing well at the consultation event! We had children and their siblings come and play and explore in the 360 soft play area. There were bumper cars, slides, dress up and lots more! The weather was lovely, and they had boat rides and an outdoor play area outside!

 Music Sensory Workshop- Friday 9th August

 On Friday 9th of July, the children had a musical journey where we imagined we were in a rainforest! Bonzo the monkey went missing and we had to go through the rainforest to find him, we explored the different textures and smells. Listened to different music and played with the different instruments to try and get Bongo’s attention. The children even made their own musical instrument’s! There was even a thunderstorm! As a team, the children worked together and we can happily say, they found Bonzo!

 Sports, Boccia- Wednesday 14th August

 On Wednesday the 14th of August, we had children and families come and play some sports! We played basketball, boccia and curling! We then played some group games including what’s the time Mr Wolf, Duck Duck Goose, imaginary box and even had a mini talent show!

 Ican Driving experience- Saturday 17th August

On Saturday the 17th, Vista's Children and Young People team took a group of children, some as young as ten, up to the roof of Highcross for a half hour driving lesson with Vauxhall Young Driver.

Vauxhall Young Driver is a scheme designed to give children a taste of life behind the wheel in a safe, controlled environment before they are legally able to take lessons, so it's less daunting when they finally get around to it.

The children loved it and, despite a few nervous faces, the parents did too. Some of the children were natural drivers and were asked to slow down more than others...

Games and Crafts- Monday 19th August

We had a group of children making lots of crafts, including painting cups, decorating canvasses and making play dough! We also had lots of board games to play! We especially enjoyed putting some Disney music on and a CYP teaching the younger children to dance! 

Cooking Event- Wednesday 21st August

We had a group of 8 independent CYP’s attended the cooking event! CYP’s made cakes by following instructions, measuring ingredients and then decorated them! We also made pizza’s, where CYP’s developed their chopping skills! The pizza’s and cupcakes looked amazing and were very tasty!

 Guided Running- Thursday 22nd August

At Abbey park we had a session of guided runners to come and work with the children! Each child was with a guided runner where they warmed up, played games including egg and spoon race and relay and then also ran on the path! The children and young people had a lovely time and for some this was there first time running with a guided runner!

 Twin Lakes- Friday 23rd August

On Friday 23rd of August we had a grand total of 14 families attend the theme park! Children and families were able to go on the rides, see the animals and there was even a circus! Families went around independently, with other families or came and met us all for lunch! The weather was lovely!

Thank you!

 We have had a busy summer and it was lovely to meet so many of you throughout the summer activities! We really enjoyed our activities and hope you had fun over the summer!

I am currently planning the October half term, so any feedback on activities you would like to do, please get in contact!

 I hope to meet many more children and families in the future activities!

Thank you!