Parent networking boat trip

19 May 2022

We recently invited some of our parent/carers to join us at the Peter Le Marchant Trust for a lovely boat trip! For this parent networking session we had eight parents/carers join us. We all enjoyed a relaxing trip down the canal and stopped off halfway at a pub for some lunch. It was great to see all the parents/carers socialising and relaxing! These sessions are amazing for the parents/carers of Vista's Children and Young People as it gives them the opportunity to take some time for themselves whilst meeting other parents/carers going through similar situations. The conversations between parents were invaluable sharing tips on a battery that powers a wheelchair that has made such a difference to their lives, sharing conversations around respite, and how today was about doing something for themselves and how relaxed they felt. The outcomes from these times are huge with parents/carers meeting up outside of Vista, some parents/carers discussed going ice skating and taking their children/young people on the ice in their wheelchairs.

Some feedback we received about the parent networking session included:

“Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity today I haven’t been this relaxed in a long time”

“My child was in respite last night, so I was able to get up late and I’m not rushing around and when I get home the carers are in I feel very chilled thank you”