Welcome to Vista's - Virtual Interactive Sessions

Interactive sessions for all Children and Young People • 14 Jul 2020

Hi my name is Oksana. 🙂


I am going to be working with you over the summer holidays in delivering creative and play activities online via the Zoom platform.


This is thanks to Children in Need who have funded this booster project as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.


There will be weekly interactive live sessions for you and your family to join in with.


The sessions will include storytelling, moving,  dancing, sensory play, simple craft and cooking activities, all in the comfort of your own home.


These will also be supported by short films that will be on the Vista Children and Young people website, so that you can re-visit the ideas and carry on exploring. 


The sessions will run on Tuesdays throughout  the six week summer holiday.  Starting on 21st July


 The times will be:


10.00 am ages For early years 0-4 

11.15am For ages 5-9

1.00 pm ages 10 and over


To sign up to the sessions please email Emily or Paula at Vista.

              paula.varney@vistablind.org.uk or



Once you’ve booked on you will be sent a link to join the class. Click on the link and it will connect you to Zoom.


You will need to download and sign up to Zoom.

Please give yourself extra time to do this before the first session.




Every session will be fully supported by Vista staff, Paula and Emily, who will help you with any problems.


Health and safety guidelines


Before each session can you make sure:


  • Make a safe space - Clear the floor space and make sure it is clean and free of any items you may slip or trip on.

  • If you able, move furniture to make more room.

  • Roll up any rugs that you may trip on.

  • If you have pets, be aware of them as you do the session. If you need to, you might want to keep them in another room just to be safe

  • Make sure you are wearing clothes you feel comfortable and can easily move in.

  • If the floor surface is slippery, then have bare feet.

  • Have a drink of water nearby in case you get thirsty. It is important to stay hydrated.

  • Have any the resources ready to hand. Information about what you will need will be sent to you each week, along with the Zoom meeting links.  We’ll get that information to you a day before so you will have time to collect things together. 


We will be using things that you may have at home. A bed sheet or blanket. A favourite soft toy. Some paper, scrap is good, old newspapers, mark making materials like crayons, chalks, felt tips, scissors and sticky tape would be great to have at hand. BUT Please keep these safe, especially with younger children as they maybe a choke hazard.

The session will about adults and children joining in together, so please do not leave your child unattended.

Obviously you know your child and you know what they can do. Do ensure that they are kept safe as they do the activities. The activities can be adapted to suit everyone needs and abilities. For example a jump, can be done with the legs,  the shoulder or with the hand on a persons body to they can understand and appreciate the sensation of ‘jumping’

 Adults, obviously if you have an injury or any medical or physical issues be aware of your own limitations. Remember your little one maybe more flexible and energetic. Please do take care of yourselves.

Do not worry if your child is not joining in, or doing what is on the screen. You can just listen, watch, and enjoy.

Or if they are doing something different, then copy them. It’s about being engaged and creative with each other in your own home.

Please note: Any participants taking part in any of the following activities do so at their own risk. Children should not be left unattended.

For an audio version of the health and safety guidelines please click below.

Now please watch the film below to “Let’s Get Started” to get a taste of some of the things we will be doing.