Children's eye health nursery project

Eye health project • 16 Apr 2019

Vista are working with an East Midlands dance based artist Oksana Tyminska, who has over 20 years of experience working in a variety of community settings, in particular with Early Years. Based in the East Midlands Oksana has experience working extensively with Sure Start and nurseries using dance and movement to encourage creativity with the with the early years and provide training for Early Years practitioners. 

We have developed a practical resource pack to help Early Years practitioners (EYP) identify any eye conditions children at the nursery may have, which need to be referred for further testing. The aim is to give EYP and parents help and guidance in accessing the correct resources to prevent sight loss or eye conditions becoming worse. 

The nurseries we visit will not only benefit from the training and the workshops but they will also receive a resource pack to continue and re-enforce the learnings from the workshop. For more information about this project or resource pack or to get involved in the pilot please contact Oksana Tyminska on or 0781 6074 977.

We launched our Vista Early Years Resource pack on; Monday 18th June at The Brite Centre on Braunstone Avenue.

We invited 20 nurseries to attend a training session to see a live demonstration of how the pack and activities will stimulate children's creativity and support the EYFS. The training session highlighted the importance of children's eye development and we encourage parents to take their children to have regular eye tests. 

If you would like to attend a session please click here

If you would like to register your Nursery or Early Years setting for a training session and free pack, please contact Oksana Tyminska at: or call 0781 607 4977.

Please take a moment to watch the video below and see how the projects works in practice.